The Bokeh Collective has teamed up with Buck Productions and Ginger Cat Studios for their first feature film. Not only do I play another terrifying  creature,  I also make an appearance without makeup. Principle photography is now wrapped up so stay tuned for this fantastic new film! 




Actor/Production Designer

Latched is my second short horror with The Bokeh Collective and my second monster. I also got a chance to do some production design on the film building the creatures nest and art directing some of the sets. So far we've had our world premier at TIFF 2017, our international premier at Fantastic Fest , and our Spanish premier at Stiges! Already had lots of acceptances to other festivals around the world so check the website below or the facebook page for updates. 

For more details check out: LATCHEDFILM.COM



Kookie was my first film and first monster. Kookie the clown was extremely fun to create and was the catalyst in my pursuit of creature acting. As a producer on the film it was also the entry point for my work as a film and television producer. Kookie won multiple awards and played all over the world, and was featured in the SXSW Film Festival as an official selection.

For more details check out: KOOKIEFILM.COM



Murdoch Mysteries S12


Small SSE role as a dead man falling out of a box. 


The Stalker Files

Recreation Producer/Actor

Produced recreations for the show's first 6 episodes as well as played several characters throughout.

Home-to-Win-Logo2 copy.jpg

Home to Win S2 and S3

Challenge Producer

Built and designed challenges.

Canada's Smartest Person S3

Challenge Team Production Assistant.

Created and developed games