Jarrett Siddall is a multidisciplinary artist based in Toronto, ON. Though primarily trained as a dancer, he is expanding his interests and expertise through projects involving theatre, circus, film, and television.

Born in Grande Prairie, AB, Jarrett began training in Ukrainian dance at age ten and joined the prestigious Ukrainian Shumka Dancers upon graduating high school. During his time with the company in Edmonton, AB, he began to explore different styles of dance including contemporary and ballet, and eventually began dancing with Citie Ballet under the direction of Francois and Laurence Chevennement. Together, they helped him decide to pursue dance as a career and so he moved to Toronto, ON to attend The School of Toronto Dance Theatre (STDT), where he was awarded the Hnatyshyn Foundation Developing Artist Grant in Contemporary Dance in his first year. Upon graduating from STDT, Jarrett joined Toronto Dance Theatre as a full time company member where he danced for five seasons under the direction of Christopher House. Siddall now works primarily as an independent artist with many different choreographers and companies including  Peggy Baker Dance Projects and Granite Motion Gallery.

One of the main companies Jarrett now works with is Vazari Dance Projects, where he acts as a performer, rehearsal director, and artistic associate. Vazari is a multidisciplinary company, and so Siddall has been able to expand his training into theatre; studying character work, clown, and text analysis; and circus; learning hand to hand, handstands, flips and tumbling.

Jarrett has always loved movies and television, especially when it comes to worlds of fantasy. As an actor he draws on his experience with character and movement exploration. Working primarily with  The Bokeh Collective, Siddall has had a strong focus on creature acting . In Kookie he plays a creepy clown released from a cookie jar, and in Latched he plays a decaying fairy creature with an unusual craving.  The work has been featured in film festivals around the world, including Cannes, Sitges, and TIFF, to great critical acclaim. Most recently Jarrett joined The Bokeh Collective for their first feature film Making Monsters to bring yet another character, and creature, to life.

Whether it be dance, theatre, or being a monster, Jarrett is always looking for new challenges, as well as to expand his training and experience. Please feel free to use the contact page if you’re looking to collaborate and thank you for checking out the website.